2018 will be here before you know it.

​PRIMARY ELECTION DAY - Tuesday, May 8, 2018

GENERAL ELECTION DAY - Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Are you interested in running for office?  Filing deadline is in January, 2018.

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Here are offices that will be on Berkeley County ballots in 2018:

  1.      UNITED STATES SENATE -                             Joe Manchin (D), incumbent

  2.      UNITED STATES CONGRESS DISTRICT 2 - Alex Mooney (R), incumbent

  3.      WV STATE SENATE DISTRICT 15 -               Charles Trump (R), incumbent

  4.      WV STATE SENATE DISTRICT 16 -                John Unger (D), incumbent

  5.      WV HOUSE OF DELEGATES DISTRICT 59 - Saira Blair (R), incumbent

  6.      WV HOUSE OF DELEGATES DISTRICT 60 - Marshall Wilson (R), incumbent

  7.      WV HOUSE OF DELEGATES DISTRICT 61 - Jason Barrett (D), incumbent

  8.      WV HOUSE OF DELEGATES DISTRICT 62 - John Overington (R), incumbent

  9.      WV HOUSE OF DELEGATES DISTRICT 63 - Michael Folk (R), incumbent

10.      WV HOUSE OF DELEGATES DISTRICT 64 - Eric Householder (R), incumbent

11.      BERKELEY COUNTY MAGISTRATE -            Rich Stephens, incumbent 

11.      BERKELEY COUNTY COUNCIL -                   Jim Barnhart (R), incumbent   **

                                                                                       Elaine Mauck (R), incumbent   **

  *    Berkeley County Magistrate Race:  This Non Partisan, unexpired term (through 2020)will be filled in the May Primary

  ** County Council Races:  You must live in either Adam Stephen, Tuscarora, or Potomac Magisterial Districts in order to run for these seats in                 2018.

In addition, members of both the Berkeley County Democratic Executive Committee and the WV State Democratic Executive Committee will be elected in the May 8, 2018 primary. These positions will be on Democratic primary ballots in the corresponding districts.

Berkeley County Democratic Executive Committee:  One woman and one man from each of the county's six Magisterial Districts are elected.

WV State Democratic Executive Committee:  Two women and two men from each of Berkeley County's two State Senate Districts, 15 and 16, are elected.