Democrats in Berkeley County have three Democratic organizations from which to choose if they wish to get actively involved in the political process.  While membership in any or all of these organizations is certainly not necessary in order to participate, each provides opportunities for volunteer activities, education about candidates and issues, and a place for like minded individuals to gather and discuss current events of the day.  Check them out!


This group's membership is comprised of men and women who are registered as Democrats, whether in Berkeley County or elsewhere.  They usually meet the fourth Monday of the month.  Check them out on                    or at


This group's membership is comprised of women who are registered as Democrats in Berkeley County.  They usually meet the third Monday of the month.  For more information about this group,  


This group's membership is comprised of young men and women registered as Democrats who are between the ages of 18 - 35. Their members are from Berkeley, Jefferson, and Morgan Counties. Check them out on  



Meet like minded people, express your frustrations and opinions, and enjoy good food (you don't have to eat), coffee, tea, smoothies, or wine on the second Wednesday of each month.

Where:  Good Natured Market and Cafe,  209 South Raleigh, Martinsburg

When:   Noon - 2:00 pm