About Us

The primary role of the Committee is to encourage county residents to register to vote and support Democratic candidates seeking election in West Virginia. The Committee joins with other Democratic organizations in the county, region, state, and nation to promote the Democratic platform, ideals, and slate of candidates, but as a state political action committee, it may only provide financial aid to candidates for offices within the state.

We also have a role in filling ballot vacancies for county elected officials, depending upon the circumstances or timing of the vacancy. When no one files as a candidate for an open office or someone who has filed is disqualified, the BCDEC has the authority to name a candidate to fill the vacancy.

When there are vacancies in elected offices, the BCDEC does not have authority to name persons to fill the vacancies, but it is charged with making recommendations to the appointing body, whether that is the County Council or the Circuit Court.

The BCDEC is also responsible for nomination of election officials, poll clerks, election commissioners, and alternates for election day.

BCDEC Members